Mayor of Salinas asks DTOP to install a traffic light at the intersection after the death of a minor

Mayor of Salinas asks DTOP to install a traffic light at the intersection after the death of a minor

The mayor of Salinas, Carlin Bonilla Colon, has called on the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) and the Highways and Transport Authority (ACT) to take immediate action on the problems generated by the constant traffic. Desvío 180 State Highway, intersection with Paseo Manuel González, towards Playita Community.

“Unfortunately we have the second death in less than a month at this intersection. Not a week went by until we had no reports of car accidents in that area, and we have requested in writing a DTOP and ACT for years to conduct a traffic study to install a traffic light or some other safety measure that addresses This problem was explained by the former director of the State Agency for Emergency Management and Disaster Management (now negotiated).

Last February, a man driving a motorboat died after being hit by a car, and another accident occurred yesterday in which a 14-year-old teenager died. The mayor also indicated that state agencies had in fact installed a tool to study traffic in the area, “but that was a year ago, but we do not know the result of that.” This detour was made on the PR 180 to handle the heavy and regular traffic in the urban area and became one of the most important roads in Salinas.

“There is nothing that can compare the pain of families who lost a victim of a loved one to an accident, and I repeat, in less than a month, we had two fatal cases in that area. This situation needs to be resolved immediately. If we in the municipality have the force of law to solve this) It would have happened a long time ago. Bonilla Colon concluded, “It is in the hands of the central government agencies.”

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