Meet the new Miss Dominican Republic Universe Andrina Martinez

Meet the new Miss Dominican Republic Universe Andrina Martinez

On Sunday, Andrina Martinez was announced as the country’s representative to the Miss Universe 2021 beauty pageant in the Israeli city of Elat.

The 24-year-old Andrina represented the Dominican community in the United States and won the crown, standing above her colleagues in Asuva, La Vega, Samana and La Romana.

For this beauty, winning the competition is a dream come true because she has dreamed of becoming Miss Dominican Republic Universe since childhood.

Earlier, he expressed that if he wins the competition, he will motivate women and girls, showing that hard work achieves any purpose they set.

who is she?

He lives in New York, USA, where he is part of the Foundation Women’s Equality Center (Center for Equality for Women) As an operational coordinator, responsible for administrative and organizational support.

Prior to working with the aforementioned company, Andrina did internships at several U.S. government agencies that fight for a variety of social causes, such as immigrant rights.


Martinez holds a degree in psychology, with reference to Latin American studies New York City College. He is a recipient of the Federal Bell Grant, through which he was able to pay for his studies.

He was also part of the Sikh program (Seek education, promotion and knowledge) In his alma mater, which seeks to help low-income students, he worked after graduation.

Personal information

According to the Miss Dominican Republic Universe pageant, Andrina enjoys practicing volleyball and softball in her spare time.

His favorite singer is Juan Luis Guevara, while his favorite writer is Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

In addition, the National Museum of Women in the United States has vowed to identify Dolores Hurta, one of the most influential labor rights activists of the 20th century, while maintaining her interest in social struggles.

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