Merrill embraced the Dominican flag, the Bible and her faith in God

Merrill embraced the Dominican flag, the Bible and her faith in God

Marilyn Palino showed off her pride in the tricolor.

He also showed the world his faith in God by winning his second silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, thereby glorifying an entire Dominican people who cheered him on while running on the Olympic track.

There were those waiting for the race, such as the dual Olympic medalist Felix Sanchez, who is part of the technical team of Dominican athletes.

The 24-year-old raised the Dominican flag in one hand and wrote on her holy Bible and one of her sandals, “God is my faith, Amen.”

Her faith, discipline and promise to her mother led to her winning a silver medal in the 4x400m and 400m relay, as well as being the first Dominican to win a double medal at the same Olympics.

Dan Gregorio, an athlete from Nizao, Peravia, and from a wealthy family, has a deeply rooted Christian faith that is shown to all who cheer for his success.

Don Gregorio, party

Yesterday his mother received a television present from her fellow citizen Vladimir Guerrero, a member of the Hall of Fame who was born and lives in the same community. The prize came after Notice SIN’s statement, where his daughter Anatalia Paulino, 52, said there was no television at home to watch her daughter compete. The family said the plan was to go to the nearest grocery store to enjoy the competition.

Now Merrill and her family will receive an eight million incentive for each silver medal from the Dominican government. With four other colleagues, extra money for participating in the relay winning medal.

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With this money, the Olympic champion will be able to build the house he promised to his mother Anatalia Paulino.

Don Gregorio is the cradle of many athletes who raised the name of the Dominican Republic today. This time we mention only two players, Vladimir and his son Vladimir Jr. and now Myriliti.

In the case of Myrtle and Vladimir, they come from low-income families and their performance in sports boasts the homeland of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella. Vladimir respects his mother and Marilyn. Like a Cooperstown member she can now change the lifestyle of her mother and siblings.

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