“Messi means everything in my career”

“Messi means everything in my career”


Pep GuardiolaCoach city ​​of Manchester, It is considered one of the most important titles in the history of football after winning titles in Spain, Germany and England, and he made important statements in which he praised. Lionel Messi, The player who changed his career.

In extensive conversations with Telemundo Sports, Show his love for Leo Messi She expressed it, “It means everything in my career.”

“In those four years I’ve been with him, Messi I knew there was an amazing group of guys out there. I said at the time, so many stars got together at the right time, at the right age and it was just perfect. Young people and veterans were created and created an incredible chemistry between all of them. We won a lot,” he said as he recalled his time with azulgranas DT between 2008 and 2012, He won a total of 14 titles.

“We won a lot, without him we would have won, but how far? Not possible. Without wanting to compare myself, I simply I compare Messi to Michael Jordan. me Felt like Phil Jackson When I had Michael Jordan. Because he (Jackson) was feeling like, “I won six rings,” I won, too. How many tough games we’ve had and when you (Messi) defended and he did (show signs of dribbling), go home. We take the plane and go to another (title). I always say he made us all good. I should give him a bottle of wine because he made me have good contracts, ha. I owe him a good bottle of wine to thank him.”

employment Qatar 2022 He said it would be his last World Cup, “Is it the last? I hope he arrives physically and trains a lot. I haven’t spoken to him yet.” America’s Cup, P.I congratulate you. It must be very difficult for him and being Messi. The World Cup remains for him and he will go for it.”

He also emphasized, “You are getting older and the energy you have at 20 years old and without kids is not the same. We have all changed and he has changed too and he has millions of toys in his legs and head and one of them comes back to adapt. It makes sense, as it should be. When I was 20 21 years old, I had an energy that I wanted to rule the world. Now he’s 35.”

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