Mexican rapper Eric Sorzano “El Grave” loses his life

Mexican rapper Eric Sorzano “El Grave” loses his life

leave Singer Eric Sorzano, known asGrave ” or “gravity”, The Mexican rapper, founder of the Never Die group and one of the founders of the SPIT MX battle league, has drawn messages of condolences from his close acquaintances and friends.

The sad news was confirmed last Tuesday, June 22, by a statement in which friends and colleagues of the rapper from Aguascalientes, Eric Sorzano, sent various messages expressing their deep regret at his passing.

The legendary rapper who suffered from the cancer they refer to, struggled for a long time until the end of his days.

“It is with great pain that we inform you of the unfortunate loss of our brother and friend, Eric, known as Gravedad.” El Grave”, was a pioneer of Mexican rap: originally from Aguascalientes, founded by the Never Die group, co-founded by the SPIT MX battle league and collaborator on projects such as Vox Populi and Svnto Pecvado. The urban movement wrote Never Die Crew through social networks.

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In addition, hundreds of followers and colleagues, including Sibu, Mike Diaz and Ztekma, expressed their sorrow for the artist’s loss and exchanged messages of condolences to his wife and 3-year-old son Nathaniel.

May he rest in peace, “Gravity will always be a part of the earth”, “After much struggle, rest in peace mister”, “Today is the time to hear the barcode on repeat and see those legendary battles”, are some of the comments left in the networks.

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At the beginning of April 2019, the rapper shared a message on his Facebook in which he regretted that he had to cancel several of his presentations due to the diagnosis he was going to get.

My health is at a critical stage. Much of what happens in these months of treatments, he wrote, will determine how long you have left in this beautiful truth called life.

“If God gives me one day, a year, or 100 years of life, I’d rather devote my energy to my wife, son, and loved ones. Only one life. I’ve left my ego. Without a family, we’re nothing. Maybe one day God will give me a chance to go back to the theater and fights.” And studies for the time being, thank you all for your expressive support of a famous in the freestyle arena.

It is worth noting that Eric Sorzano has also starred in fights with characters like Proof and Tkilla and although he never jumped into the commercial music scene, he managed to collaborate with the famous singer “Alemán”. His career hasn’t been without some scandals, he actually took part in the freestyle against “Moelas de Gallo”, a member of Bastogne’s squad.

On the other hand, in 2014, he released his album “Código de Barras” and collaborated with artists like Juan Zárate and Silver Steph.

Minutes ago, it was confirmed that the rapper had lost the battle against his cancer, according to circulating reports from the account of some of the artists close to him.

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“Today his existence ends in the mundane world, but the legend of ‘Gravidad’ begins, the rapper is considered one of the most complete rappers in Mexico, so it is expected that his family will get a quick resignation.” MIC hip hop website.

For now, I thank you all for your support during these long years and for sending me positive feedback to heal my body. One Love from his friend Eric Levy wrote “El Grave” on his personal Facebook page at the time.

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