Mexico is on the verge of breaking its asylum record due to the arrival of large numbers of Cubans

Mexico is on the verge of breaking its asylum record due to the arrival of large numbers of Cubans

Mexico is on track to set a new record in refugee applications this year, far surpassing the 129,000 mark it had in 2021, and among the largest groups of migrants it is receiving are Cubans.

Andres Ramirez SilvaThe Director of the Mexican Commission for Assistance to Refugees (COMAR) announced that AP Refugee applications will amount to approx 150,000 this yearTaking into account the current pace and continuous flow of immigrants.

Most asylum applications They come from the Cubansand Haitians and Hondurans, who represent about 80% of the total.

the Arrival of irregular migrants It threatens to overwhelm the capacity of Mexican authorities on various parts of the route to the United States.

The overwhelming number of refugee applications prompted COMAR to request assistance from the National Guard to ensure the safety of its operations in southern Mexico. Especially in TapachulaIt is a city close to the border with Guatemala.

Half of the country’s refugee applications are concentrated there. In recent weeks, these offices have been serving about 2,000 people a day.

The queues and crowds of migrants who were waiting for their procedures ended in violent incidents that required the intervention of security forces.

The government confirms that it continues to do so Migrant search efforts Who attempt to reach the United States through human traffickers and who are often caught in precarious conditions.

At the same time, migrants seeking regularization face long waiting times and difficult conditions, reflecting the complexity of the migration situation in the region.

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this week Marisol Peña CubasA Cuban mother and opponent of the regime who lives in Tapachula said that being in the Mexican city is like entering a “black hole that swallows immigrants.”

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