Miguel Cabrera hit his 504th career for life in the major tournaments

Miguel Cabrera hit his 504th career for life in the major tournaments

Detroit Tigers’ Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera launched his 504th home run in the Major Leagues – MLB.

Creole Miguel Cabrera continues to inscribe his name in both the MLB books and in the retina and hearts of all baseball fans, and today he delighted Comerica Park fans with his 504th lifetime home in Majors.

Through the meeting between the Detroit Tigers and the Baltimore Orioles, Miguel Cabrera put the team on his shoulder after serving as the offensive spark in the game, after scoring a halftime after scoring a double in one round to open the scoring.

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At the bottom of the sixth inning, Meiji unleashed a frenzy in Detroit, after hitting a massive run all over the left field to put the scoreboard two-to-zero in favor of the Bengalis.

Here is the home run:

After counting two balls and one hit, before pounces from right-handed Jordan Lyles, Miguel Cabrera clocked his 504th home run of his professional baseball career at 104.1 mph and 346 feet.

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This race allows the Venezuelan to tie with Eddie Murray in the 27th most home run in Grand Slam history, to put himself just five points away from his next goal, Gary Sheffield who has 509 players.

But that’s not all with Home Run and Double, Miguel Cabrera has 1,123 more key strokes, surpassing Manny Ramirez in this streak, ranking 17th on the list of players with the most key strokes in major league history.

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Meiji numbers in the 2022 harvest

Miguel Cabrera hits 0.279, with 29 hits in 104 rackets, scored nine runs and driving in 12, firing two at home in 29 games played with the Tigers in the 2022 season.

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