Miguel Herrera, from DT to the influencer; It will analyze Liga MX in networks

Miguel Herrera, from DT to the influencer;  It will analyze Liga MX in networks

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Did you miss him? … he is back! Few days after he was fired as a DT of USAAnd the Miguel Herrera You have already figured out how to spend your free time and advertised your new “business” social networks.

Through your account Twitter, With a short video clip, the lice have warned that week after week they will analyze everything that happens in a day Guard1anes 2021 From Mexican football.

Of course the reactions were immediate and Although the majority were negative, Azulcrema fans were upset with him, his management and some controversial statements. And after he left the club, there were others wishing him success strategic.

We must remember that Miguel He has already worked as a football analyst. I did it for Univision In the Gold Cup And the America’s Cup Centennial, plus some games World Cup Russia 2018 For Televised sports.

What’s next for Herrera?

After separation from USA After the failures and scandals of 2020, now Miguel Herrera Waiting for offers, mainly from United State a South america, Where His name sounded for teams like Chile, which were left without DT After resigning The wheel of judgment Which was introduced with Colombia This Thursday.

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