Miss Universe 2021 talks about the disease that makes her gain weight

Miss Universe 2021 talks about the disease that makes her gain weight

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaz Sandu

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The Miss Universe 2021And the Harnaaz Sandhu, for some time has been criticized for being overweight She is in a state of health that made her go through this circumstance that did not allow her to continue meeting the sizes that beauty queens always require.

Sandhu, who is the third Indian woman to achieve this world title, Talk about his chronic autoimmune condition that damages his small intestine.

I’m one of those people who criticize them for being too skinny and now they tell me you’re too fat…With celiac disease, I can’t eat wheat flour and other things”The contest queen explained.

In turn, this disease leaves sequences in the digestive tract, which does not allow the body to fully receive all the necessary nutrients.

The Miss Universe Organization spoke out for rejecting any kind of negative comments as well as rejecting bullying.

“We are a community that was built to defend, encourage and elevate each other. There is no place for hate here. Stop bullying,” View the statement.

Alicia Machado defended Sandu

Venezuelan Alicia Machado He spoke out against those who expressed themselves negatively to the current Miss Universe. In turn, he defended her because of the weight gain that was reflected in the public events she attended.

“Thank God, this beautiful queen and brave woman does not have Mr. Paige as her chief. This year 2022 is another era of compassion and love for others and today bullying is considered a crime! Hail the beautiful queen”, She wrote Who Was Miss Universe 1996.

However, Machado until the moment of his statement did not have any knowledge of the disease that Sandu was going through, and that through various social networks, followers of the Queen left him countless negative comments about his physical fitness, considering that it was not so when he won the competition on 12 December 2021.

Machado when he won a beauty contest in 1996

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