MLB suspends three more days of spring training 2022

MLB suspends three more days of spring training 2022

More delay! Office MLB Suspended for another three days Spring Training 2022 From Big leagueswhich is destined to start with games Before next season, March 5th.

According to Ivan Drillic, three more days of Spring Training 2022 games have been canceled (March 5, 6 and 7), so the pre-season delay and possibly the opening day for the upcoming Major League Baseball season continues. In addition, it is good to note that at the moment there is no agreement between the owners and the players’ association.

Tentative date?

The first games of spring practice, according to the MLB schedule, could begin March 8. However, if they do not agree, more games can be canceled.

Negotiations aimed at ending the shutdown continue, but there is no agreement yet and everything is uncertain for the 2022 MLB season, as neither the MLBPA nor its owners have reached the halfway point for the next cycle.

The outlook remains bleak and growing worrisome, and the delay in spring training is the possibility that opening day will be moved or even more worrisome, as the season is shortened.

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