Modified basketball: concentrations of selected wheelchair players

Modified basketball: concentrations of selected wheelchair players

For six days, the pre-selection for men under 21 has been contemplating the Paraban USA Youth Games, and the women’s team begins this Monday in San Justo.

The good news for Argentine basketball continues, in this case Adapted. The first was the focus of the men’s under-21 wheelchair team, who trained for six days (from 11 to 16 this month) at Senard, contemplating the Paraban Youth USA Games to be held in November in Bogota, Colombia. Starting Monday they will play the women’s wheelchair, with focus in San Justo until the 24th.

Mauro Varela, the main men’s coach, has shortlisted 14 players who have worked in two shifts. Those chosen are Lucas Muller (Celsa de Santa Fe), Thomas Molina, Evan Carballo, José Osandaporo from Sica from Cordoba, Marcos Repetto and Santiago Valenzuela from Almirante Brown, Martin Zito, Brian Burdon de Sidima, Valentin Gomez from Lapamba, Mauricio Zito, Matteo Dominguez from the municipality of Ensenalada From Buenos Aires, Thomas Mansella from Sidilli from Mar del Plata and Juan Pique from Escobar. In addition to Varela, the coaching staff consists of Juan Dominguez (U-21 national coach), Marielle Scartacini and Amado Perez (assistants), Carina Maturna (sports psychologist), Kevin Buscarroll (physical trainer), and Diego Bogado (kinesiology specialist).

Meanwhile, starting Monday, the women selected by the same method, with 18 players, will be coaching at Cedima de San Justo, until the 24th of this month. It will be the first call after months of virtual meetings in which Las Luppas has sought to enhance its individual fundamentals and techniques. There will be two double-shift sessions, with 10 players on the field each time, respecting sanitary protocols. All this as part of the preparation for South America, which has no date or place yet.

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The players who were called up are Morena Correa, Vanessa Robiola, Daniela Saya, Fernanda Balares, Evangelina Paiva, Mariana Reddy, Virginia Navarro, Antonella Gomez, Dara Muñoz, Amelia Cabrera, Natalie Torres, Liz Barry, Florencia Gonzalez, Vanessa de Salcedo, Luna Luna Maria. Perez, Silvia Linari, and Mariana Capdeville. The staff consists of coach Carlos Cardarelli, his assistants Manuel Cairo and Romina Iglesias.

Pictures: ForSports / Adjusted Basketball Association

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