Modular pel Bàsquet Gandia renews coach

Modular pel Bàsquet Gandia renews coach

Roughly a month and a half into the promotion phase, the pel Bàsquet Gandia units are back in their current offering. The Gandhi club confirms the renewal of coach Alejandro Mesa who will continue to lead the team whether he remains in the Egyptian Football League or if he finally gets a place in the LEB Plata.

It is that the entity of Gandia plays on both sides. On the other hand, the board is planning for the 2022-2023 season if it plays in the EBA but at the same time has a plan B in case it can come out in LEB Plata. In fact, UpB Gandia has submitted the relevant documents to the Spanish Basketball Federation to be included in the two competitions, although the main choice and everyone’s desire, logically, is to take a place in the LEB Plata.

The units of pel Bàsquet Gandia hope that some of the clubs that achieved a sporting promotion in the final stages last May will give up their place because they cannot meet the pressing conditions imposed by the FEB, considering that in the entity of the capital of La Savour if they are ready to meet the challenge, Mathematically and economically.

The resolution will be known on July 1 when the deadline for applications to FEB competitions expires, although UpB Gandia is somewhat optimistic about the possibilities of competing in LEB Plata.

Another significant new in pel Bàsquet Gandia units for the upcoming campaign focuses on changing the sponsor. The club does not want to comment on the matter and does not want to delve into the issue of proper names, but it ensures that there will be new news in this regard.

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