Monaco vs PSG, results, summary of the match, defeat with Neymar and Mbabane without Messi | French League

Monaco vs PSG, results, summary of the match, defeat with Neymar and Mbabane without Messi |  French League

You do not have to be in a very bad mood. Just looking at PSG’s attitude at home to AS Monaco, this was clearly reflected in the surprise 3-0 win in League 1. Their weaknesses. It’s hard not to be skeptical.

It was a bold first half, incredibly ineffective, with Mbappé and Neymar on the field and with details critical of a critic: Did they miss Messi as a liaison? It was possible, but a feverish film kicked him and Keeler Nawaz out of the call.

The truth is that AS Monaco won unhindered and tirelessly by their humble team against their star rivals, in which Ben Yedder wreaked havoc on PSG’s well-known slow defense by opening the scoring 25 minutes later.

Unfortunately it only lasted 15 minutes, weaving the second goal from the right without any trace, and in a situation known to Monaco struggling patiently, there was nothing but a hopeful reaction from PSG. A mark for Ben Yedder, who threw the ball for the appearance of Voland and for the celebration of the second goal in 68 runs.

Hakimi and Icardi were denied a goal by goalkeeper Nobel, and to deepen PSG’s inability, Monaco were crowned with a clear penalty, which was a cover of misfortune: it was right when the tonarum stretched to collect Ben Yedder, but it bounced off his hand and the ball went inside. The goal. Absolute victory at 84.

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Yes, it was a great night for the great guy Ben Yedder, but the uselessness and yellow card of the well-transformed Neymar at the age of 77 also caught our attention, a Mbappé was able to fight a little more. And with a card (although his former team always praised him), he was a vertebrate who was not even in the shadow of what was in midfield, so … the list of doubts goes on and on.

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