Monday night football Mauricio Pochettino: Next job, leaving Spurs and so on | Football News

Monday night football Mauricio Pochettino: Next job, leaving Spurs and so on |  Football News

Mauricio Pochettino was a special guest at football on Monday night this week and opened on a number of topics ranging from highs and lows in Tottenham to management plans for the future.

Pochettino spent five and a half years at the Spurs, leading them to the Champions League final, the League Cup final and two FA Cup semi-finals, as well as finishing fourth to fourth in the Premier League. November 2019.

Here are some key topics discussed by the Argentine coach on the show நிகழ்ச்ச

Next job? ‘I’m waiting to see what the right plan is’


Mauricio Pochettino discussed his thoughts on where he could end up next when he returns to the long-awaited return to football management.
[Will your next job be in the Premier League?] “I don’t know, I’m not going to close any doors. I really, really learned when I was very young [Pochettino’s former coach] Jorge Griffa would say, ‘Mauricio, football is going to dictate your way.’ I’m waiting for us to realize what the right plan is, which is the right way to go.

“Of course, we live in a very crazy situation, a crazy moment that we never expected in our lives. Of course, not just football, everything is completely different.

“My energy is full, I want to get involved in the sport, but at the same time I have to understand that it’s a good moment for you to wait for. You have to wait for the right plan, of course football is going to bring what we want, we have to be open, whether we accept it or not.

My energy is full, I want to get involved in the game, but at the same time I have to understand that it is a good moment that you have to wait for.

Mauricio Pochettino

“Now it’s the same game but different football. Without the fans, we enjoy football because we love it. We try to enjoy it, we try to lie to ourselves. But it’s very difficult for players to play it, it’s very difficult for coaches to work. For owners, for presidents, for CEOs. I think it is very difficult to stay alive trying to protect all employees and try to keep the industry alive because there are a lot of people who need football to survive.

“It’s a tough, tough moment. I do not think it’s a year I have not worked. It’s been the last seven, eight months. It’s like there’s no fans in the stadium, it’s not football. Sometimes [consoles] You.

“If you feel the noise and emotion of the crowd, if you go to watch the game on the field, you can say, ‘Oh, I want your team to fight the opponent.’ But this time, as you see from TV, from your home, it’s weird. It’s a tough time for everyone.”

Reflections on being fired by Spurs

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Mauricio Pochettino talked about leaving Tottenham on Monday night football and said he had no misgivings about the club being sacked.

“A year later, I’m disappointed, a little upset, not happy. It’s a club that has had the greatest relationship with staff, players and fans after five and a half years. I’m not going to lie.

“But sometimes I understand very well that this is football. The stadium, in our time, in our episode, the club had to change. But I’m not going to complain about the club, about the end. [Daniel Levy]. All I can do is support, because we still have a good relationship.

“The one who came to replace me [Jose Mourinho] A good friend. A manager who always treats me well. I remember when he was in Real Madrid he invited me to a Champions League match against Ajax, we were talking in his changing room at Bernabeu. One representative said, ‘Jose, the game is about to start, we have to go.’

“I think it’s only because I love Tottenham, I know Jose, I want the best for him, I have to try to win. But this trip failed to win a title. That’s what we missed. Cherry on top of the cake.”

‘Awesome trip’ with Spurs – now hopes to win a trophy with Mourinho

“It’s not a big surprise. I wanted to win when I was a player, that’s our mentality. I wanted to win every game when I was at Espanyol and Southampton. You use the tools to perform at your best, our respectable values ​​and our principles. That platform to improve players every day We are very demanding in all areas and we want to help them to be better individually and collectively.

“I was proud from the beginning to join the club, to have a good relationship with Daniel and to have a good relationship with the team. They saw how we wanted to build. They value ‘having to be brave’. This sound, which has always been on my mind, is about Tottenham glory and style. Knowing that trying to respect it and trying to compete with the big pages is the biggest job.

Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino during the 2018 FA Cup semi-final between Spurs and Man Utd at Wembley
Jose Mourinho has replaced Pochettino as Tottenham manager

“When we came in 2014, the big clubs spent money to improve the team. For us, it’s a bit different. Our goal is always to win because it’s hard to be in charge if you do not win as a coach, but to improve and play in the Champions League. Trying to be competitive like in the past. Likewise, they try to create some identity, some philosophy that fans can be proud of, which is why I’m so proud.

“We had the facility to create something special, but in the end, when the expectation is high you have to win. You need something definite, important. Win a title. Premier League and Champions League, we were close, but we were not. What happened in the end? Everyone knows that, but we think it’s a wonderful trip.

“We regret not being able to present a trophy to the club and the fans because this team of players deserves to be recognized with a trophy. I hope to be able to win a trophy with Jose in the future. It will be a surprise to the fans and this team of players, most of them were with us.”

Mauricio Pochettino at MNF
Mauricio Pochettino joins Jamie Carragher and Dave Jones at MNF

Criticizing Spurs’ mood is painful

“It was a little embarrassing, and we were so upset every time we heard some people say bad things about the Spurs mentality.

“We finally understood what Tottenham meant, always behind Arsenal. It’s been 20 or 22 years, always behind Arsenal when we came in. It was very painful for our fans and the whole club.

“It was like being on the street -‘ Please, we can’t finish down [Arsenal]’. It was like winning the Champions League for the people when we arrived. “

There is no regret in choosing the injured-skeptical Kane in the Champions League final

Despite the injury suspicion, Pochettino backed his decision to select Harry Kane for the 2019 Champions League final.

“The end is the end, you can not go back. But of course, if you put me in the same situation again, I will make the same decision again. You can not doubt about Harry Kane. Of course, you can make some changes. But Harry Kane was our main striker and the best player in Tottenham. , If not in England or Europe then you can have no doubt when he is fit to play.

“Then it’s Harry Kane’s long process. It’s an action that started four, five years ago, with a dream to play, to fight, to fight for big things. To be real competitors, not only to try to win the League Cup, or the FA Cup. They are very important, but we The way the team is built, it is very difficult to fight for four matches in a season.You have to make decisions.

“But it’s our dream to try to be a real contender one day in this final of the Champions League or in the Premier League. Of course, a player who can help you … no doubt, we’re really the best team to play, play and win. I’ll make that decision again.”

We found a group with different habits “- Spurs took the time to get the methods

“We spent a little more time than Southampton [to get methods across]. Southampton is different from Tottenham. The circumstances were completely different when we came to Tottenham. Tottenham are a team of 33 players, a team trying to create some identities, change the time they have handled until then and try to create a different way to access the games.

“Tottenham have been an amazing journey for us, more than five years, and we really enjoyed it from day one. Joe Lewis, owner, Daniel Levy and all the board and staff all helped us one day, and then the players – and they were amazing too – Were.

Mauricio Pochettino
Pochettino said significant changes had to be made when it came to the Spurs

“We found a group of people with different habits. The players are not responsible for the habits they follow. You always lead the club, you lead the companies – football clubs today – you have to be strong in how you want to develop the habits and policies to translate to your team.

“Players are important because policies are taken on the pitch. Then you have to build the fort from the top and be strong in your policies and the way you are going to build it, it has to happen the way you want.

“I think it was amazing to create this specialty, feel generous, create something special in Tottenham. Change is always painful, very painful. But when you come to a new club you have to make some changes. That’s why it’s so important to start building that great site. It’s about creating a platform where players can feel comfortable and improve. “

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