Monty Williams doesn’t bite his tongue with his players

Monty Williams doesn’t bite his tongue with his players

14 defeats in a row is a lot, especially as the weather becomes cloudier minute by minute. This is exactly what happens to the Detroit Pistons, who not only win games, but are almost constantly beaten by any opponent.

Last night, they welcomed into Little Caesars Arena some Wizards who were not in good shape either – they have lost nine games in a row -, and they made another correction, this time by a score of 107-126, to make their coach, Monty Williams, point directly to the lack of self-respect of their players on The playing field. This is how he expresses it:

“There wasn’t any kind of fighting tonight on this field. This is not basketball the Pistons should ever play. “We should have people wearing this jersey and honoring the history of this organization and competing at a high level every night,” he says, explaining that he is not at all happy with his sons’ attitude.

The truth is, Michigan’s campaign was a disappointment. It is no longer the case that they practically always lose – as would be expected – but rather that they put up a small fight on too many occasions. In the last four matches, they were defeated by 19, 23 and 29 points. It’s clear they still have progress and are rebuilding, but with it being Cade Cunningham’s third year in the NBA (No. 1 in the 2021 draft), more was simply expected.

Monty Williams doesn’t mention names, and the truth is he doesn’t need to. In the locker room itself, they know that everyone must look within themselves and understand that they can do more individually; As Isaiah Leaver comments. “There are a lot of little things we can talk about, but we are not playing hard. “Every team member has a role, and none of us seem to be doing it to the best of our ability.”

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Short-term solutions are few in sight. They can obviously improve, even more so now that Jalen Duren has recovered and started playing well, but getting out of this disastrous dynamic will not be easy for us. A very long year looms on the horizon — once again — for the Pistons.

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