MTV and Grave’s anatomical actress speak out against the political crisis in Cuba

MTV and Grave’s anatomical actress speak out against the political crisis in Cuba

Popular American Channel MTV And Cuban-American actress Jeanine Mason, Is best known for playing Dr. Sam Bello in this series Gray physique, The situation experienced by the Cuban people, victims of oppression, persecution and censorship after the regime Massive 11J protests.

In several Instagram stories, the American channel shared the news of the young actress, where she explains the current crisis in Cuba and asks the international community to spread everything people experience through networks.

“It’s important for them to know that I am a Cuban American and that my heart goes out to their entire diaspora, but especially trying to spread the message to the people of the artists from there, which is freedom!”, Mason declared.

In one picture, the young woman is wearing a T-shirt designed by a Cuban artist and activist Julio Lobis, You’re playing with the logo of the MTV channel and reading the phrase “NTV lie” instead, Handled covers It makes news on Cuban television and all the official media on the island.

The entertainment channel also shared on its official Instagram page a song that has become the anthem of dissent and political opposition in Cuba: Homeland and life. In addition, she noted that two Cuban activists were linked in the lyrics of the song and shared part of her view of these women with her followers: Anameli Ramos Y Omara Ruiz Urgiola.

MTV Channel Instagram Story

Mason and MTV’s Cuban followers, as well as Lupis, are thankful for their use of public sites The abuses experienced by the people of the island.

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Mason, a dancer, pointed to the positive balance of the entire political crisis in Cuba, which is united by Cubans on both sides of the Florida Strait.

“The solution to Cuba lies with the Cubans, not just those on the inside, but all of us on the outside. It’s a beautiful thing that has been going on for the last few months. We are no longer “outsiders or insiders”, we have broken down that wall that existed beforeSaid the young woman.

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