Musa leads Real Madrid, breaking records in a wonderful match

Musa leads Real Madrid, breaking records in a wonderful match

AndIn a match where nothing was at stake, Real Madrid and Estrella Roja put on a great show at the WiZink Centre In a match that the White team won 101-94, the Serbs dominated for several minutes, with the match and the score. With victory, Real Madrid became the first team in Euroleague history to achieve 26 victories In the regular league.

This was one of the expected limits in Madrid. The other is Llull's hat-trick in Euroleague history, will have to wait because the Balearic player added only one goal (621, compared to 623 for Juan Carlos Navarro), despite trying (5). At the end of the first half, Wiezink set another record in this exciting season: Nigel Hayes-Davis 50 points for FenerbahceThe highest individual score in the match.

Musa and Nedović decided early on that this should be a match between them. The Bosnian started to catch Madrid, while the Serbian showed off his goal Ammo of essentials to enhance Red Star. With nothing for the team to lose Severopoulos played very loosely, without any pressure, and presented an excellent image in WiesinkThe day I came back Adam Hanga had the best game of his Euroleague career (22 points).

The match moved on the basis of rounds that caused the leader to change several times. Until Red Star started to like each other. He took the first action (20-21) They dominated the first half with a score of 44-47. The balanced third quarter (28-28) gave way to Afzal Hanga, who shot his team into the net 54-70 max for a match. That was when Madrid reacted hand in hand Moses and Hizonga. The match was tied 13-067-70, before 72-75 that ended the third episode.

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In the last chapter, when he touched Moses with the rod, The Whites partly established another 11-3 leadTo regain control of the match despite Red Star's resistance Bolomboy in the head. Two free Tavares in the 48th minute Madrid leads 94-93. That's when the decisive match came, where Hezonia took Hanja and Croatian Dank scored 96-93. Real Madrid then measured its superiority with free kicks and Moses tied the game with a dunk. Bosnian He finished with 30 points and a rating of 40.

data sheet:

101- Real Madrid (20+24+28+29): Alusin (2), Hugo Gonzalez, Moussa (30), Ndiaye (2) and Tavares (11) – The five-man lineup: Causeur, Rudy Fernandez (3), Abalde (7), Hezonja (20), Sergio Rodriguez (3), Llull ( 7) and Yabusili (16).

94- Red Star (21+26+28+19): Ilicic (9), Hanja (22), Nedovic (30), Gedraitis (2) and Bolomboj (5) – five-way lineup – Smart (9), Lazarevic, Davidovac (6), Mitrovic (6), Lazic (3). Toby and Gillespie (2).

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