‘My house is yours’: Ramos’ gesture with Messi when he arrives in Paris

‘My house is yours’: Ramos’ gesture with Messi when he arrives in Paris

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A few years ago There was a talk Considered hostile come in Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos, Well, after preserving the colors FC Barcelona and Real MadridRespectively, it is normal for them to have some friction, but now they are Colleagues at PSG, They will return Friends.

The latter is reinforced in a Gesture He said Former Real Madrid captain Would have been with Messi, As has been reported Sergio Ramos donated his home to Argentina And so on He and his family will not be staying at the hotel.

What did Sergio Ramos say to Messi when he arrived in Paris?

According to the ‘El Boss’ newspaper, Sergio Ramos Will be Connected To the lion Messi Because First moments You know when it is Coming to PSG, To Do you great help And make everything easier.

People say Ramos offered him his house to avoid Messi and his family staying in a hotel. More than just how tiring it can be to deal with the media, it’s a fact Argentina would have thanked him But in the end Could not accept.

If you and your family Want to be in At home, rather than in a hotel They can stay in me, If you need it it is yoursRamos would have told Messi.

Beyond football fields, it is known Messi both admire Ramos and vice versa, Then Often recognizing the achievements of others His work in the football environment, as well as beyond the field.

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Yes OK Sergio Ramos was injured And you can’t get acquainted with him so soon PSG, Yes He was seen near Messi, Besides that already They shared Training, Social media news They are expected to command the team considering the future Champions League.

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