“My purpose since I arrived is to return to Cuba”

“My purpose since I arrived is to return to Cuba”

(CNN Español) – Cuban activist Jr. Garcia promised CNN on Thursday that he would return to Cuba. “Ever since I arrived, my goal has always been to return to Cuba. That is why I did not apply for asylum. I want to go back to Cuba. I need to heal my wounds, heal my anger, my ideas are clear and I can start the fight with more force because I am not going to give up, ”Garcia said.

Jr. Garcia, a playwright and one of the main promoters of rallies called by groups opposed to the Cuban government, arrived in Spain this Wednesday with his wife on a tourist visa.

Members of the archipelago, led by Garcia, complained that he was missing. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Jr. Garcia explained to CNN that he could not communicate with his team members before leaving for Spain.

“Of course I know this will create a lot of misunderstanding, a lot of pain,” Garcia said, but he promised to continue to have a good relationship with his members.

“The leadership of the archipelago should always be within Cuba … in the end the archipelago is what its name implies, it is a group of islands where we are all different, but we always think of the common good,” he added.

Earlier, Jr. Garcia gave a press conference in which he gave some details about his departure from the island. “Maybe I can apologize for being human, think about my wife and my life, and escape from being alive and dead,” Garcia said. The activist also described the various ways in which he claims that the Cuban government persecuted and intimidated his family members.

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“I’m tired of being quiet. They would not take me to jail if I stayed there. They do not want to make me a symbol,” he said. “They need to calm me down, cancel me out as a person. , Upset me, they almost did it, ”he explained.

First reports of Junior Garcia from Spain 2:25

A CNN team in Havana this Monday toured the city where the protests were planned and observed a heavy police presence during the day and the absence of protests.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrguez Barila referred to the protests live on state media this Monday, calling them “artificial expectations” and “attempts to create an artificial image” of the island.

The Cuban government has not released details of those arrested in the context of Monday’s protests on the island.

That Monday, Cuban police have arrested 11 people. Cubalex, a Havana-based human rights organization, confirmed to CNN that government agents and sympathizers had “besieged” more than 50 homes to prevent planned opposition protests.

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