NASA’s Curiosity rover discovers a “duck” on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover discovers a “duck” on Mars

The NASA’s Curiosity rover was discovered tuesday A beautiful shaped rock DuckAn image to be added to other inventions of this category, such as a fish, a cat, a piece of spaghetti. Secret door.

Ten years ago, rover Space He scours the Red Planet for signs of past lives, but also captures impressive images. Over time, the game ParidoliaThe human tendency to detect familiar features in inanimate forms, such as the “smiling faces” found on a plug.

Transgenic spinach, the secret to Mars?

This new picture was taken on October 22 Andrea Luck popularized it on social media recently. In the photos, a beak-like protruding rock can be seen atop a short shape that could be a bird’s body.

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The Science of Mars and Animal Rocks

The Curiosity rover is currently exploring Mount Sharp, the central peak in the middle of Gale Crater. According to a blog PotScientists believe that There are streams and ponds in this area Inside tuesday After drying up billions of years ago, it left behind minerals and sediments.

Rover Curiosity
Rover Curiosity

These areas, IFL Science explains, became layers of stone, eroded by wind and storms over billions of years. Dust storms of the planet, which resulted in peculiar geological features, in this case, in form Duck.

An Argentinian scientist has confirmed that man will set foot on Mars within 10 years.

On another occasion China’s Yutu 2 rover discovered an old “moon cube” and an “alien hut” that eventually turned out to be just rocks.

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Curiosity spent 3,647 soles on Tuesday the planet Red and still works perfectly.


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