Nautico found their first win of the tournament

Nautico found their first win of the tournament

Gustavo Móndolo’s men comfortably beat Timberley 82-96, on his first smile of the campaign. Stegmaier was instrumental in the visitor’s victory with 31 points.

From the start, the approach to the visit was based on building from defense. Repeated successful and losing defenses by Negro generated a large number of deadly counterattacks, which Stegmayer and Nicolás Giraudo finished off, allowing the scoreboard to be extended early. On the contrary, Marcelo Roig’s men were unable to gain a foothold in the match, and with many holes in their collar, Otolini’s good deeds were overshadowed. The first 10 minutes of the visit were 13-25.

Then, the locals recovered from Lopez’s three-point shot and Lussenhoff’s breakthroughs, to raise the score and offset the already big difference. In any case, the omission did not allow the circumstance to be transformed. The visit knew how to keep up with the explosion of the Giroudo brothers and the hot hand of Stigmier. And the numerical margin stagnated without disturbing the rest visit above. Both teams went to the locker room 38-48.

In the continuation of the night, Náutico was devastated. With effective bursts, and as a result of good defenses, he maintained a difference of more than 15 units. Giraudo, Sosa and Stegmayer inflated their odd numbers from all spaces. Temperley, for his part, failed to meet again. Although both Lussenhoff and Ottolini were frequent scorers, the course of the match remained unchanged. Morale was not high and from the defense it was an obvious issue. For this, the teams entered the final stage 51-80.

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Finally, Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda beat Negro de la Sexta. With a masked Stegmayer, with 31 points, those from Riverside sealed 82-96, giving them the Federal campaign’s first smile. Of the local team, which lost three times in a row, Andres Otolini was the tournament’s top scorer with 22 points.

The result of combining the exposition and the opposite

Timberley (82): Ramallo 5, Torres 0, Deriviang, Roig 1, Parisia 6, Otolini 22, Morecchi 2, Lopez 14, Moresco 0, Gallardo 9, Virgili 0, Lossenhof 19. DT: Marcelo Roig.

Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda (96): Arlego 3, Móndolo 3, Marinelli 2, Sosa 20, Stegmayer 31, Giraudo S. 9, Giraudo N. 19, Escobar 5, Pochettino 4, Fernández 0, López Zamora 0, Ballarena 0. DT: Gustavo Mondolo.

Referees: Aramayo and Kozu.

Partial: 13-25 / 38-48 / 51-80 / 82-96.

Source: Timberley Press of Rosario.

Photo: Lautaro Gerrard.

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