Navy rescues 47 people from a boat on the East Coast

Navy rescues 47 people from a boat on the East Coast

The Dominican Navy rescued the 47 people who were adrift in a boat 16 nautical miles off the coast of Ponta Nisibon, Michis.

The Navy report says they were able to rescue the group of 42 men and 5 women.

All those rescued received the necessary assistance and water on board the naval units, and were later transferred to the Samana port command, in good health, where they were received by 911 medical staff, who assessed and cared for them. Emotional health picture.

He says the Navy will remain resolute in preventive naval patrols to save lives and reiterate its call to residents not to dissuade them on these dangerous cruises from illegal voyages to Puerto Rico, as they only bring mourning and pain to families. For those who make the wrong decision to travel in fragile boats without any guarantee or safety standards.

The alert call was received through the 911 National Emergency System, so the Naval Operations Center (COM) immediately deployed a Coast Guard and an intercept boat, and the aforementioned ship is located 16 nautical miles from the coast.

This happens after a boat bound for Puerto Rico sank, where at least eight people died and 23 were rescued in a state of drought.

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