NBA 2024 All Star Game

NBA 2024 All Star Game

The stars NBA It's not the only thing that attracts attention All-Star Game 2024. This weekend the league will be using a new and exciting football field Glass with LED It becomes a giant screen. Statistics, advertising, graphics, effects… and a window to a new way of watching basketball.

All Star Game NBA 2024: What the court is made of

return East vs. WestMuch anticipated Match three The records of 20 appearances between Stephen Curry and Sabrina Ionescu and LeBron James are the main attractions of the NBA All-Star, which takes place this weekend in Indianapolis (USA).

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in Indianapolis

Michael Conroy / AP / Lapras

Another is at ground level: a particularly spectacular and futuristic court Glass with LED It will become a kind of giant screen with an area of ​​about 756 square meters.

Designs and color changes, live replays, statistics, animations and other interactive effects are some of the things the NBA has improved for this innovative experiment.

The playing field of the All Star Game changes completely

“People go to see a show.” As much as this was emphasized in an interview with EFE. Christoph BabinskiCEO of ASB GlassFloor, the German company that created this innovative stadium that can be seen at the Lucas Oil Stadium during the famous match (Friday 16) and football matches, with a capacity of 35,000 people. , triple and special “Stephen vs. Sabrina” (Saturday 17).

“With the All-Star tournaments, we'll have the opportunity to create animations and use the track to its maximum potential,” he defended.

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Victor Hugo Alvarado

A family business founded in 1965, it is known as a supplier of squash courts, and Babinski explained that his father started working with the idea of ​​surfaces made of glass.

In 2015 they began considering the possibility of adding LED and video throughout the court, and they had one of their best moments in 2023 when their spectacular court was used in Madrid during the U19 Women's Basketball World Cup.

The images left many speechless, for example, before the finals, it completely changed its appearance with the colors of the United States and Spain, or during the award ceremony.

“I can't say much about what will be seen at All-Star. But what I can say is that we help the event look like this, and we believe in it. It can enhance the performance of the players“, Mt.

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