NBA Rhythm: Analysis by Alvaro Martin and coach Carlos Morales at Los Angeles Nacion

NBA Rhythm: Analysis by Alvaro Martin and coach Carlos Morales at Los Angeles Nacion

NBA news in Nation, with the presence of Alvaro Martin and coach Carlos Morales, The best Spanish speaking analysts in the NBA.

In this segment, both specialists agreed to point to the incorporation of Argentine Manu Ginobili as one of the hopefuls to join the NBA Hall of Fame, a nomination that has been known in the past hours and will be revealed in the coming months.

Martín and Morales also spoke about the progress of Covid issues in the league, explained why the procedure had not stopped despite the problems caused by the pandemic, and analyzed what many players usually do when they approach the drawn area, if they prefer to seek help – such as Facundo Campazzo – Or attack the basket with determination.

Next, another Ritmo NBA broadcast, the new weekly broadcast that publishes Nation.

Alvaro Martin, who for more than 25 years has been the NBA’s vote on ESPN and is one of the most respected speakers in basketball and American football circles, now continues his Ritmo NBA career alongside coach Carlos Morales, remembering his stellar work as coach of the Puerto Rican national team (he was a champion for neoquine pre-Olympic 1995). Their work in NBA games is also available on League Pass platforms.

Weekly columns can be watched live every Tuesday night at Nation And at any time through a link The pace of the NBA.

Both reporters focus on the all-time record for triple symbols set by Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors at Madison Square Garden itself and against his superior Ray Allen and another great marksman, Reggie Miller.

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Previously, Martin and Morales focused on the impressive record of Greg Popovich, the historic San Antonio Spurs coach, the great-brand owner of the Texan franchise associated with Manu Ginobili and whom he led for 25 seasons, beyond heights. and bottoms.

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