Nearly a dozen Republican senators are announcing plans to vote against counting election votes

Nearly a dozen Republican senators are announcing plans to vote against counting election votes

11 Republican lawmakers said they would like to raise an objection to the Electoral College vote, which would propose the Election Commission to conduct an “emergency 10-day audit” of election revenue in “disputed states”. The group includes Ted Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, James Langford of Oklahoma, Steve Dains of Montana, John Kennedy of Louisiana, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Mike Brown of Indiana and Sense of Wyoming Wyoming. .

“A fair and credible audit – quickly completed before January 20 – will dramatically improve the confidence of Americans in our electoral process and significantly improve the legitimacy of our next president. We are committed to the people,” they said. The rest is a separate constitutional power to consider and compel many allegations of fraud, ”a statement said.

As CNN previously reported, The objection of President Donald Trump’s Republican allies has zero chance of changing the outcome of the election, and the election should be delayed by a few hours to ensure Biden’s victory as the winner and next president.

Dozens of state and federal courts, governors, state election officials and the Department of Homeland Security and Justice have confirmed that there are no credible allegations of any problem with voting. None of the Republican office-bearers who oppose Biden’s victory have opposed Trump’s victory, or in some cases their own victory on the same day.

Wednesday, Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Howley became the first senator to announce plans to oppose the results – a significant move as it requires both a councilor and a senator to raise an objection when Congress counts election votes. CNN previously announced According to two GOP House members, at least 140 House Republicans are expected to vote against the vote count in Congress.

On Saturday, Howley tweeted, “I’m glad to see more senators joining the fight.”

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In their statement, Howley identified 11 GOP senators and senators who did not specify the states they would like to reject, but planned to oppose at least one state-certified Pennsylvania.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – who said that would mean voting One of the most important, perhaps most important, is that he always wanted to act – The Senate has asked members of the GOP conference to vote for their conscience, but has personally urged members not to join the effort. Some Republican senators have already spoken out publicly against the strategy.

New York Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer apparently rejected the announcement from a handful of Republicans on Saturday: “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be president and vice president of the United States in 18 days.”

11 Republican lawmakers admitted on Saturday that their efforts were futile, saying they were “not naive” and “expect all Democrats to vote more than most Republicans if not more.”

Biden spokesman Mike Quinn rejected the plan outright from Republican senators, saying it was a “stunt” on Saturday.

“This stunt will not change the fact that Biden, who was elected president on January 20, will take office,” Quinn said. “These unsubstantiated claims have already been investigated and dismissed by Trump’s own attorney general, dozens of courts and election officials from both parties.”

Trump has been pressing Congress to try to thwart the election result, while his campaign attempts to thwart the election through the courts have been repeatedly rejected.

Friday, a federal judge Threw a case Texas GOP Representative Louis Comet and several other Arizona Republicans are seeking to force Vice President Mike Pence to help Trump win the election.

The story was updated Saturday with additional improvements.

CNN’s Arlet Sense, Jeremy Herb, Bill Mottingley, Allison Maine and Nicki Robertson all contributed to the report.

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