News from Massa, Miley, Bullrich and more

News from Massa, Miley, Bullrich and more

7 minutes ago

What is prohibited during the electoral ban?

The electoral ban begins 48 hours before election day. During that period, the law stipulates the prohibition of:

  • “Conduct general evangelistic work and publish and disseminate pre-election surveys and opinion polls 48 hours before the start of the election until its end.”
  • “Publish or distribute polls and forecasts about the outcome of the vote during the election and up to three hours after it closes.”

In addition, the Election Law stipulates prohibitions following Election Day, for up to three hours after the polls close. In this article we tell you what it is.

8 minutes ago

How to vote in the general election

Argentina will hold general elections on October 22, in which candidates who won the internal elections for their political spaces and who exceeded 1.5% of the valid votes cast in PASO will compete.

Citizens will elect for the Presidential category from among the following candidates: Javier Miley, for the La Libertad Avanza party; Patricia Bullrich, Together for Change; Sergio Massa, for the Union for the Fatherland party; Juan Chiaretti, we work for our country; And Miriam Bregman for the Left Front.

In this article we tell you where to vote, what documents are valid, and what the voting process is like.

9 minutes ago

How to view the electoral list

For the 2023 general elections, more than 35 million people are eligible to vote, according to the Argentine government’s Electoral Political Observatory. Voters can check the electoral register to find out which voting center in the country they should go to.

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How to view the electoral list for the general elections in Argentina?
You can view the electoral list through different means: Internet, telephone and miArgentina.

To conduct the online consultation, you must access the National Electoral Justice website, click on the “Final Registration” option and there you will have to complete a form with the following information:

  • Document: Your DNI number, without dots
  • Gender: Choose the option that appears on your ID card
  • Region: Choose the governorate in which you will vote, based on the address that appears on your ID card
  • Verifier: Type the number exactly as it appears on the screen.

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