News, US retaliatory attacks in Iraq and Syria, tension in the Middle East and more

News, US retaliatory attacks in Iraq and Syria, tension in the Middle East and more

An umbrella group of Iranian-backed militias vows to expel US forces from Iraq

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella group of Iranian-backed militias in the country, says it will resume attacks on American targets and expel American forces from the country.

He said in a statement issued late on Friday that the United States, which he refers to as the occupying enemy, understands nothing more than “the language of weapons,” and that the recent American attacks in Iraq, including the killing of the Supreme Commander of the Phalange and the violation of the Hezbollah Medal Muhammad Saber Al-Saadi in Baghdad, Wednesday, rules of engagement.

He added that the Iranian army would respond with “large-scale strikes and attacks,” calling on others to join the resistance. He stressed that he is making all his efforts to “expel the occupation in this historical situation in Iraq and the region.”

At around the same time on Friday night, the Kataib Hezbollah militia, one of the most powerful armed factions in the Islamic Republic of Iran, swore to avenge the killing of its commander Al-Saadi in a message on a telegram.

“It is a stage of revenge, liberation and hell are coming,” he said.

Late last month, Kataib Hezbollah said it would suspend its military operations against American forces in the region, two days after a drone attack that killed three American soldiers and injured dozens of people.

However, the United States has vowed to respond to the killing of American soldiers, and to that end, it carried out deadly retaliatory attacks in Iraq and Syria last week.

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Not only is Kataib Hezbollah part of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is also part of the Popular Mobilization Forces, or Popular Mobilization Units, an Iranian-backed, Shiite-majority paramilitary force based in Iraq. Unlike other Iranian-backed groups in the region, the PMF is linked to the Iraqi government and officially relies on Iraqi military forces.

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