Ninel Conde turns up the heat to show her a “custom-made bikini” made only with adhesive tape

Ninel Conde turns up the heat to show her a “custom-made bikini” made only with adhesive tape

End of this week Nineil Konde He paralyzed social networks after sharing a series of hot videos in which he once again revealed his heart attack curves in a mini swimsuit, only this time not made of fabric, but of adhesive tapes.

The Mexican singer is about to please her fans with a new song that was Recorded in association with Lorenzo Mendes, but before the big launch, it brought a touch of excitement back to virtual communities.

This is how he decided this Saturday to share through his Instagram stories several videos that he was about to learn more thanks to The most bizarre swimsuit I’ve ever used.

“El Bombón Asesino” sensuality and beauty overflowed before the mirror custom bikiniCreated using only red and white sticky tapes, it revealed the curves of the heart attack and a little more.

In the bold design that she has boasted on more than one occasion, the singer had the most fun dancing during the recording and they finished putting the last details on her skin.

let’s go toastWas it the phrase the actress also expressed before going out to nail her sculptural anatomy?

But that was not all, as it was about to show everything while the decals covering only the basics were removed.

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