Nium Launches CaaS, Offering Clients New Crypto Capabilities

Nium Launches CaaS, Offering Clients New Crypto Capabilities

Nium, the Singapore-based fintech giant, has recently announced that it will be offering new services to its clients. The global Crypto-as-a-Service, CaaS, solution of Nium was announced on Monday. As per the announcement, the company will be offering its clientele an in-demand crypto investment option. This will be done using APIs, ensuring the highest security standards. 

The company has partnered with numerous leading crypto exchanges and brokers to offer its large clientele access to cryptocurrencies. Available cryptos at Nium will include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Nium also announced that its platform and new offering will also be supporting stable coins and all the services will be provided in accordance with the KYC and AML regulations.

The company also announced plans to be launching the crypto services in the United States as well as in over 35 other countries around the world. Nium aims to offer its new service in countries like Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong next year, with further expansion as well.

Innovative Offering for Nium’s Clients

The new offering is a very important step towards further development of the crypto trading market, offering clients of the company numerous new opportunities. The co-founder and CEO of the company, Prajit Nanu said that the global clients of the company are looking for more and more ways to differentiate their core offerings. 

Thanks to the new innovative fintech services, everything should become a lot easier for the company’s clients. Nanu also said that the new finance solutions will further accelerate the road to innovation for all businesses. 

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Thanks to the API connections, the company is able to offer traders payments and card issuing services, and the new addition will let them use cryptos as well. In addition to all these, Nanu also added that the new offering will be able to be connected easily into most applications, which will further help companies for future growth.

The new services of the company were announced as the bitcoin price hit new all-time highs near October 20. As the demand for crypto trading from both retail and institutional investors increase, the announcement of the company is very important for traders.

Nium is a huge fintech company, working very hard on innovative ideas in the crypto industry. Apart from the recently-established Crypto-as-a-Service solution, the firm also announced that it would be expanding already existing Banking-as-a-Services to the United States. 

With this expansion, the company will allow its clients in the US to use services like pay-outs, pay-ins, as well as card insurances. Although new, the Singapore-based startup has already managed to become very successful around the world. 

It got the status of a unicorn startup with a valuation of over $1 billion. The status was granted to the company after it closed the funding round in July with $200 million.

Supporting Crypto Development in Singapore

The fintech works very hard to further develop the crypto trading and investment market in Singapore. While cryptocurrencies are not considered legal tender in Singapore, they are very popular and frequently used and traded assets in the country. 

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The companies such as Nium are further supporting the crypto trading popularization and development of the market in Singapore. The interest of locals in the market has grown rapidly over the past few years. 

Crypto enthusiasts in Singapore are able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through numerous exchanges available in the country. Further supporting the development and popularization of the crypto trading market in the country is automated trading. 

By using the best cryptocurrency trading bot, people in the country are able to go on with their usual daily lives while also earning profits from the crypto trading market. Automated crypto trading robots can be a great help for traders not only for market analysis, but they can also actually trade cryptocurrencies for investors. 

This can save quite a lot of time and effort for traders. Thanks to automated trading robots, the market is becoming even more popular than before. 

As the crypto trading demand hits new heights in the country, the steps taken by companies such as Nium are of utmost importance. Such steps help the further development of the crypto trading market and open new opportunities for crypto traders and enthusiasts around the world. 

What Does Nium Do?

Nium is a famous company that offers clients cross-border payments all over the world. Nium supports real-time payments in over 65 countries and offers clients a well-developed network, banks, and compliance expertise to help further boost the cross-border needs of the clients.

With its recent development, the company has managed to offer clients new services aimed at further developing the cryptocurrency market. The new services will be available in over 35 countries around the world and the company also claims to be working on further development. 

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Nium is a growing card issuance business and it has recently started to work on developing its services in the US. The expansion of the company followed the completion of a $200 million funding round in July.

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