Niurka fights Maryfer Centeno and it affects her life | Video

Niurka fights Maryfer Centeno and it affects her life |  Video

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niorca, a famous actress, He had a heated fight with Mariver Centeno, Months later the specialist analyzed it and Vidit attacked him. And it is that Cuban attended a program Next to the world of the graph to confront them. We tell you what happened.

was in the show saga From YouTube, where Niorca Mariver confronted Centeno, months after she analyzed her love story with Juan Vidal.

Niurka, from a very young age, started dancing in various shows (Instagram).
Niurka, from a very young age, started dancing in various shows (Instagram).

Although the moment was about signing a tube of peace, everything got out of control, because Nyurka downplayed Mariver Centeno’s career by saying she was too young to talk about other people and analyzed without your permission.

Between shouting and insultsMariver Centeno tried to defend him. He asked her not to use profanity:

“You will not psychoanalyze me because what you think is worthy of mothers to me. Because I am also worthy of mother. That tongue you guess with the body. Escuincla culicaga, how old is this escuincla that still has so much life to analyze. I still need so many cogs.. A lot of lives, a lot of downfalls, and it takes a lot of life to talk nonsense,” he said.

“You’re doing this for publicity and being a character,” replied Mariver Cinetino.

The redemption got angry with Centeno.  (instagram)
The redemption got angry with Centeno. (instagram)

There was a moment when the program got so heated that Centeno demanded respect for Adela Micha’s program:

“Oh, you idiot …” said Nyurka.

Centeno replied, “Stop calling me stupid, and respect Adela Mija’s space, that’s not your house.”

Even in the fight, Gustavo Adolfo Infante appears, which is why Nyurka insults her: “With the miserable dog, the one without a flag.”

Centeno defended “perceptions are different”.

Nyurka added, “Your conversation is so boring, with so much talk… You can’t tell a woman over fifty, what a thing.”

Finally, Maryfer Centeno asked her for respect on her show and also asked her to leave the forum, but the star didn’t want to leave.

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They criticize Niurka and the drivers for attacking Mariver Centeno

As expected, the users who watched the show reacted to the fight. They defended Mariver Centeno, and criticized Niorca and the other drivers, for not giving her place to the world of the chart..

“Drivers whose mothers deserve to be on the show”; “How bad it was for them to let that woman scream and without letting her speak to Mariver they should have given Mariver the place she deserves, not the one who screams the most”; “Mariver is very educated, calm and above all without fear. Pedio was respectful, everyone calms down Mariver when they should have calmed down, they just didn’t. How unfortunate what disrespect, (pushing) aggression, verbal aggression and bullying he used in this program”; “Niurka behaves as she is, very normal,” among the reactions.


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