“No need to worry about Cuban athletics losses” – SwingCompleto

“No need to worry about Cuban athletics losses” – SwingCompleto

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

Cuban Athletics is going through a difficult year 2021, due to the absence of titles at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the ongoing injuries of some athletes who have been called up for important results, as well as the defections and requests for release recently seen.

triple Jordan Diaz Andy Diaz has been in Spain in recent months, while hurdler Roger Valentin Irribarn, triple Christian Napoli and sprinter Rene Mina decided to withdraw from the national team last week.

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On these issues, perhaps in response to the persistent allegations of fans of the beautiful game in Cuba, who seek an explanation from the island’s discipline authorities, which Also join Full SwingDemanding the silencing of officials, former Camaguey martialista and current Cuban National Athletics Commissioner Ypsi Moreno offered, formulations By Niurka Talancón Villafranca on her YouTube channel.

“For all of these people and for the Cuban people who are deeply concerned about the three casualties caused by the national athletics team, I would like to make it clear to you that I don’t think we should be concerned, I don’t think we have any problems either, given that, simply put, there was Three athletes: Roger Valentin Iribarn, Rainier Mina and Christian Napoles and before going to the Olympics (Tokyo 2020), Yordan O’Farrell of the 110m hurdles who also requested his withdrawal,” Ypsi said in the above interview.

“In order for Cuba to do everything in its power, and since they saw that they did not achieve their results for any reason, they demand to rebuild their lives and go on with their future, because we all know that sport is little while. The only thing they have received is our support, as they are allowed to , because of their behavior, to end the leave they have requested and focus on the future strategies they have for their lives.”

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“I insist that they do not leave us a gap, they are just operations. For these athletes, talented young people (the national team) will enter but I can say that the relay is covered. 142 seats with the required quality and sporting talent guaranteed “, confirmed the former athlete from Camaguey.

“I think it’s just the cycle of life, and I don’t think we should be afraid, because we have to trust that process that we have in EIDE, recruit talent, children, who also want to defend the colors of the flag and give him everything for his country,” concluded the commissioner.

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