No punctures: Hankook introduces its airless tire

No punctures: Hankook introduces its airless tire

One of the biggest obstacles while driving is a vehicle Have to change a punctured tire. For this reason, many were shocked by Hancock’s suggestion in the latest version of thosei-Flex airless conceptual frame.

At the 2022 technology event, the company partnered with Hyundai to install four large units to showcase this tire, which is currently out of scale for vehicles as it is built in a smaller 10-inch format.

According to company managers, this tire has an innovative design that allows for good shock absorption and load capacity, while the airless construction increases safety and reduces maintenance costs.


The result of Hankook’s studies was a multi-layered interlocking design inspired by the cellular structure of living organisms, which provides support in three dimensions for greater shock absorption.

Meanwhile, hexagonal and quadrangular cell structures of different stiffness are mixed to provide stability under loads.

According to Hancock, punctures and the accidents they cause are “becoming a thing of the past.” Additionally, the company highlights the fact that these airless tires will be low maintenance, making them ideal for autonomous vehicles.

For now, Hankook hasn’t revealed when the i-Flex will be available to consumers and in actual size, as they say they need more research and development to make improvements to this promising invention.

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