Norman Quijano swears an online oath as Parlacin’s deputy

Norman Quijano swears an online oath as Parlacin’s deputy
Norman Quijano, former President of the Legislative Assembly and Parlacin’s deputy elected by the Arena. Photo gallery.


Yolanda Magana

Wednesday 27 October 2021 • 12:30 pm

The 20 deputies and 20 Salvadoran alternates in the Central American Parliament (Barlacin) will be sworn in on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. to serve in this capacity during the period from 2021 to 2026.

The oath will be taken at Barlassin headquarters in District 5 of Guatemala City, in Guatemala.

14 MPs from the Alliance of New Ideas and Democratic Change (CD) confirmed their attendance at the call, according to political sources, while there is a possibility that some MPs will take the oath online.

Take an oath online

Political sources confirmed, this morning, that Representative Norman Quijano, from the National Republican Alliance (ARENA), may be sworn in on the Internet.

consultation El Mundo newspaper In this regard, via a courier, Quijano replied that he had nothing to stop him from attending, but so far “the drills or exercises were to make it virtual.” He added that he did not know if some MPs would do it themselves.

The lawmaker-elect said he attended virtual training on October 19 and a mock vote for the board election on October 21.

I participated in two training sessions on the 19th and a mock vote to elect a board of directors on the 21st of this month, both of which were virtual, so far I have no hitch. I don’t have more information, and I don’t know if some would do it in person, it was drills or drills to make it virtual. Norman Quijano, Vice-President of Barlacin.

Quijano has been accused of electoral fraud and illegal grouping in El Salvador in alleged negotiations with gangs in the 2014 election campaign, and has had an arrest warrant issued against him at the Seventh Peace Court since May 6 and the Fifth Court of Inquiry has requested a red broadcast against him. for him; But the International Police (Interpol) decided on September 24 not to carry out the broadcast in order not to interfere in political affairs.

Sworn savings through the platform

For his part, MP Nelson Hared Minjifar, from the Grand Alliance for National Unity (JANA), was asked about his attendance at the event and confirmed that his attendance would be via a virtual platform.

Personally, it will be through the podium.” Nelson Gaard, deputy elect of Barlassen.

Parlacen extended the invitation to the event at 8:30 a.m. at Parlacen’s headquarters in Guatemala.

In the list of Salvadoran deputies in Barlassen, there is also David Reyes Molina, former deputy of the Arena District Legislative Assembly, as well as Heidi Mira Saravia. Political sources pointed out that the two representatives will attend the first plenary session for the period 2021-2026.

Donald Ricardo Calderon Lamm, of the National Accord Party (PCN), and Karina Sosa of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) have also been called to swear in as deputies.

Salvadoran deputies in the Barlassin period 2021-2026

New Ideas – Democratic Change

  1. Gilberto Efraín Guatemala Vilalta
  2. Carlos Rene Hernandez Castillo
  3. Cecilia Guadalupe Rivera Mendes
  4. Cecilia Evelyn Vargas Martinez
  5. Yesil Beatriz Barahona de Campos
  6. Ana Glinda Hernandez Estrada
  7. Johanna Michele Anaya de Murillo
  8. Angel Johan Maravilla Murcia
  9. Anna Elinunora Reyes Arreaza
  10. Jose Francisco Menjivar Barahona
  11. Ana Lesz Arias Hernandez
  12. Belinda Beatriz Nunez de Montes
  13. Ana Guadalupe Mejia Raimundo
  14. Brian Rene Orellana Hernandez


Norman Noel Quijano Gonzalez

David Ernesto Reyes Molina

Heidi Carolina Mira Saravia


Karina Yvette Sosa from Rhodes


Jose Nelson Guardado Menjivar


Donald Ricardo Calderon L

Alternate Representatives

  1. Mario Julio Flores Orellana (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  2. Manuel Isaac Aguilar Morales (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  3. Carolina Esmeralda Hernandez Aguilar (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  4. Carla Irene Alas Pineda (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  5. Calvin Emerson Saravia Cornejo (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  6. Esmeralda Carolina Mejia de Peña (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  7. Edith Montrosa de Aguilon (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  8. Carlos Enrique Menjevar Cruz (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  9. Walter Oswaldo Arreaza (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  10. Daniel Joaquín Aguilon Márquez (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  11. Saúl Edgardo Platero Castillo (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  12. Guillermo Rigoberto Vega Martinez (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  13. Kevin David Sacayon Mariona (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  14. Ricardo Ivan Quintana Guevara (New Ideas – Democratic Change)
  15. Janet Carolina Palacios de Lazo (Arena)
  16. Maria Elena Hernandez Rivera (Arena)
  17. Rafael Orlando Vazquez Zuniga (Arena)
  18. Angelica Maria Perez Acuña (FMLN)
  19. Arturo Carrillo Salgado (win)
  20. Alma Yánez Gutierrez de Lopez (PCN)

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