Nutty turns on the webs with Natasha Pignazo

Nutty turns on the webs with Natasha Pignazo

Dominican reggaeton Naughty Natasha Driven social networks with a charisma Bikini A pool night with friends.

Despite having fun with his friends, Pignazo Their theme is part of a dance promotion “Lokite”The Argentine singer’s latest hit Mary Becerra.

He feelsHe The video was posted on TikTok and later on Instagram, inviting fans to do the challenge and other steps to its rhythm. Song.

“When girls come together,” she wrote with a fire emoji. “I want to see all the kids and my Activate Tigers trending,” she added. The translator of “Criminal” mentioned Mary Becerra: “Are we breaking up or what?”

They think of Rafi Bina

The artist shared a video of the challenge on Friday, but it’s similar to a live stream he did on Wednesday, where he said goodbye to some of his followers, thanking fans for their support during tough times.

“Ai Bina”, “She’s looser than she was with Rafi”, “She’s in the mood: take advantage of your husband being in jail hahaha”, “Natti is a goddess”, “Beautiful Natti”, her video, which was originally uploaded on Tiktok and posted on her Instagram account, generated more than two thousand views. Just a few of the many comments.

Direct reports

In a live video she recorded this Wednesday, she spoke about staying positive while her partner and her daughter’s father, businessman and producer Robbie Bina, is in prison.

Likewise, he comments on enjoying small moments, an example of which is the dance video that created conflicting opinions.

“I can talk to him (Rafi Bina) everyday and instead of looking at the negative, you have to look at the positive. I have a lion and he knows he has a lion in the street,” she implied. That she works hard for her family.

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Apart from their daughter Vida Isabelle, Pina has three other teenage children from previous relationships.

“I will always face him, for the whole family, life is not over.” He said.

“Of course, yes there is sadness, but your support has lifted me up,” he added. She also said that she lets her know when her partner sees her on television, as she recently did on Latin Billboards. “Robbie tells me -baby I saw you and I loved it…you inspire me”.

Naughty Natasha He said that he is fighting continuously. “I have a partner to fight for them and show him that we have the best of the best,” he declared.

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