Nyurka and her daughter Romina reveal their heartbreaking curves in a bikini as a “soul mate”

Nyurka and her daughter Romina reveal their heartbreaking curves in a bikini as a “soul mate”

Romina Marcos He traveled to Yucatn, Mexico to celebrate his 2022 arrival with his mother. New York; However, the mother and daughter used their reunion to enjoy the little bikinis they wore in front of their followers in the sun, sand, sea and social networks.

The young actress who first showed off her iconic portrait of facing the sea through her official Instagram profile. She posted a series of dazzling photos with her curves while tanning with a mini bikini. Black color, which delighted the students of thousands of fans.

In one of his most recent releases, though he has spoken out against comparisons on other occasions Appearing in a gigantic outfit in a bikini with her controversial mother, she caused a stir again. There he asked his fans to take a good look to find out how they look alike.

Can we be mother and daughter? Like you“He wrote at the bottom of the publication, which generated hundreds of compliments and compliment messages.

For his part, the Cuban star did the same on his official Instagram profile, where he shared the same photo, but this time he shows that apart from being almost identical, they also enjoy an unusually friendly relationship.

Romy says the Souls are twins, but no doubt we are best friends“, Sentenced.

Although the mother and daughter were surprised to see this spectacular picture, The absolute champion of the second season of the reality show ‘Los Estrelos Pylon N Hoy’ He fell in love once again with his fans, he raised the temperature again through a series of snapshots in which he revealed his shape photograph as he sank into the crystal clear waters of the ocean.

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This time Romina Marcos provoked all sorts of reactions Short string bikini With this he showed his skin tanned with seawater up to his waist facing the camera and profile.

Feel the smell of the sea and the sky“Reads as an explanation that postcards are going to reach 40,000 red hearts.

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