Obituaries, breaking news, news from Gaza and more

Obituaries, breaking news, news from Gaza and more

The Israeli army issues another “movement warning” to Gaza residents amid power and internet outages

The Israel Defense Forces issued another directive on Saturday, urging residents to move from Gaza City to the southern areas of the Gaza Valley “to ensure their safety.”

The Israeli army’s Arabic-language spokesman, Avishai Adraee, posted the notice on his official account on the X website, formerly known as Twitter. It is unclear how far the message has reached on the ground, given the current power and internet outages.

When Israeli army spokesman Doron Spielman was asked on air on CNN how the issue of safe passage south was communicated to Gazans, he said: “Everyone in Gaza City now knows exactly what is happening.”

“They were notified in Arabic, and in several languages, on all available platforms, electronic and non-electronic. Everyone in Gaza City knows that they have to pass through Wadi Gaza.”

When asked again by CNN whether the IDF was releasing leaflets with information about the new safe passages announced on Saturday, given that most people in Gaza City do not have access to the Internet now, Spielman replied, ” Yes”.

However, CNN spoke with an official from the UN refugee agency, a medic and a journalist on the ground who were unaware of this latest warning on Saturday.

According to Adraee, the Israeli army will allow safe movement on certain streets between 10:00 and 16:00 local time. Residents are advised to take advantage of this time period to travel south from Beit Hanoun to Khan Yunis.

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The statement also highlighted the importance of “residents adhering to these instructions in order to preserve their safety and the safety of their loved ones.” Adraee also noted that Hamas leaders have already taken measures to protect themselves from attacks in the region.

Adraee pointed out that “the residents of the Beach, Al-Rimal, and West Olive areas are allowed to move along Daldul and Al-Sunna Streets towards Salah Al-Din and Al-Bahr Streets.”

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