Odonis Haslem made his first match for Team Hit and was sent off within 3 minutes

Odonis Haslem made his first match for Team Hit and was sent off within 3 minutes

a Odonis Haslem It took him nearly five months to play a game for the Miami Heat this season, and he hasn’t really enjoyed it for long.

Haslim, who appeared in a game for the 18th consecutive season, played three minutes before being sent off early in the second quarter of Thursday night’s match against the Philadelphia 76ers.

He scored 59.3 seconds in the first quarter of his last game in Miami at home this season, receiving a standing ovation from several thousand fans in attendance.

In short, it had some success. The first time he touched the ball, he almost saved it at baseline in the late first quarter, and he followed it with good hold and finished the first half to end the fourth game. Haslem then took the lead in the first acquisition in the second quarter, and was followed by a hat from baseline in the deep corner in front of the Miami seat a few possessions later.

But after the Sixers Center, Dwight HowardWhen Haslem is thrown to the ground in an estate, Haslem sits on the ground for a moment, apparently gathering his thoughts, before finally waking up. However, at the next whistle, he confronted Howard before pushing him back, causing him to be kicked out of the game.

The irony of Haslem’s battle with Howard was that at the start of the first quarter, he acted as a mediator when he was his partner Trevor Ariza Face the Sixers star, Joel EmbiidAfter Ariza objects to Imbied rolling on Ariza’s leg, causing him to injure his ankle.

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Haslim, who will complete 41 next month and is the oldest active player in the NBA, has been a minor player for Miami in recent seasons, with Thursday’s game being the 45th he has played in the past five seasons.

Originally from Miami, Haslim only played for the Heat, who signed with him in 2003 as an unpolished freelance worker after spending his first year at the University of Florida while playing in France.

He told reporters recently in Miami that he’s not sure if he’ll return next season, although it’s clear that the Heat will continue to hire him as long as he wants to be there.

“I didn’t think about that,” said Haslem. “But I am sure [el entrenador del Heat, Erik Spoelstra] And our guys keep these things close at hand and understand the importance of it. But for me, if we don’t win [final de la temporada regular] In Detroit as I walk, it doesn’t really matter.

“The thing is, let’s win this season, let’s get the best place we can get, and let’s get in here and try to do that.

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