Olivia Collins and Maribel Guardia surprised by a photo of their youth

Olivia Collins and Maribel Guardia surprised by a photo of their youth

picture of young actresses Olivia Collins s Maribel Guardia Causing quite a stir on Instagram, especially since they are both part of the series Albertano vs Monsterswhich looks amazing after more than six decades of life.

A shot was shared last year by Collins, 64, of him with Guardia, 62, smiling and looking ’80s.

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“Together we started doing good… and continued together, but from the dark side muajajajaaaaaa. Greetings to the whole profession side by side @maribelguardia, I love you, Mom!” The caption accompanying the photo reads it has received hundreds of compliments from fans.

In a second current photo, Olivia Collins and Maribel Guardia distinctly appear and flaunt their bust figures.


In this photo from 1986, they pose with actor Louis Aguilar.


Both actresses are already grandmothers; The public praises how well it has been maintained over time, for example, Olivia Collins gave something to talk about a few days ago when she celebrated Mother’s Day with her daughter, many netizens expressed that they do not look like mother and daughter, but sisters.


Collins, who has appeared on The Stars Dance Today, has impressed audiences with her skills on the dance floor.



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