Olympia loses one of its promises to score and goes to play football in Europe

Olympia loses one of its promises to score and goes to play football in Europe


When you’re a player with the door on the outside, it’s even more so when it’s on the outside EuropeIt is opened and hard to refuse. No matter what your career level is, being abroad is always a sign of development.

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This is what happened to the guy Hector Avila, who as soon as he had the opportunity to go to football abroad. At just 15 years old, the Honduran striker will join El Caracho’s youth list Europe.

once again Marset FoundationWhere he trained as a soccer player Jonathan Rubio She has set her sights on another Honduran talent, and now it will be Avila’s turn to represent the national colors well in Spaina country in which he left a rush to his scoring appetite after being crowned a hero with a reserve Olympia .In the past San Sebastian Cup He scored seven goals in seven matches.

His mother, Cindy Fonseca, spoke with DIEZ and said with great joy that they accepted a proposal Marset Foundation For his son to move to the home country to continue training as a footballer thus giving his short but prolific career a leap in quality.

“Last year we got a residency at Fundación Marcet with all expenses paid. They measured his performance and then sent us an analysis and told us he had a lot of potential and things to contribute and learn. They wrote to us in December asking us to join them in January to discuss the training issue. In January we said Them no because we preferred him to continue studying until June and see what can happen in those months,” Cindy began saying.

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“On his return from the Donosti Cup, where he was top scorer, he once again gave us the option of scholarship and joining it on September 5th. We put him in prayer to see if this is what God really wants for him on this path so that we don’t let go of emotion but of conviction because he He was already training with the Olympia Reserve,” he continues.

This is in Hector Avila There is a diamond in the rough. He’s a player with a passion for goals like few others and that’s why Marset Foundation He wants him to later put him in a better league on the ancient continent.

“We met, made the call, we saw the pros of this option, because training in Spain is an excellent opportunity. We suggested it to Hector because it is not easy to give up rest, but he was firm and we decided to accept it. The mother of the New Legion said with great pride that it is a harvest as a result of the beginning of this formation.

It should be noted that the first steps of this young man were taken in the Academy Atlantis BankThen he started his way from Sub-8 of The main Olympic powerswhere he was trained Santos “El Indio” Ruiz and his son Dennis Ruizwho started their proceedings in the courts Info.

Avila has had the opportunity since he was 8 years old to be able to gain experience on an international level with children from other countries and participate in Disney mugs in Miami He was also crowned top scorer when they participated in it saviorAnd the Costa RicaAnd the Mexico And now recently in Spain.

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“The time is ten months because every year they offer you options to renew scholarships, and if you don’t think that, nothing will happen with the ten months, or renewal for another season and we saw that well because it is not easy to separate from his parents. I think the contribution would be very good and in At the end of the tournament other scholarship options will appear and they will decide if he is ready to make the leap to a first-class team,” he concluded on this topic.

Hector Avilathe 15-year-old is leaving Honduras October 3 next to fully join the Marset Foundation From the sixth of the same month. The boy’s mother explained it with Olympia They were on good terms.

We explained to them the scholarship that our son received, they gave us the retirement letter and told us that the doors of the club were still open for him because he was born there and trained there. Everything is fine with Olympia,” he concluded.

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