Olympic champion Ismael Borrero joins long list of Cuban “escapes”

Olympic champion Ismael Borrero joins long list of Cuban “escapes”

Ismael BoreroAnd Greco-Roman Olympic wrestling champion (59 kg) at Rio 2016, He became the last great “fugitive” of Cuban sports After he left the delegation that arrived in the Mexican city of Acapulco to participate in the Pan American Discipline Championship.

According to the information published in Official Diary successBorero’s decision constitutes a serious indiscipline in the Cuban sports system and leaves his team’s goals in this competition and in the four-year period leading up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.”

In addition to the summer title, The 30-year-old-born athlete in Santiago de Cuba won gold medals at the world events in Las Vegas 2015 and Nur-Sultan 2019.

according to successThe remaining members of the delegation are living their first preparatory sessions and it will make its debut on Thursday, May 5 in the Greco-Roman style.

The memorandum notes that this competition grants the right to participate in the 2022 Belgrade World Competition, in September, and will provide quotas for the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile.

Thus, Borrero became the second Cuban Olympic champion to leave a delegation in Mexico in recent timesafter the boat did it at the beginning of March Fernando Diane Jorgethe monarch with Serge Torres in the C2-1000 method, Tokyo 2020.

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