On January 8th, there will be important events for Mexico and the world

On January 8th, there will be important events for Mexico and the world

this January 8 The year 2024 will be a date that can remain special in the memory of all people, because it is the day that at least… Mexico It could mean a day of complete madness, as this Monday initially marks the return of around 24 million students For classes to face the second part of the 2023-2024 session.

But the return of Mexican students to classrooms will not be the only event on Monday, January 8, so we will inform you of other events that are expected to be important:

– The Mexican Space Agency reported that the “Colmina” project (developed by UNAM) will travel to the Moon, thus marking the first Mexican space mission attempting to reach a satellite. It will include the launch of five robots that will attempt to assemble on the surface of the moon, and will launch from Cape Canaveral.

– On Monday morning, the Mexico City Assembly will vote (in an exceptional period) on whether or not to ratify the appointment of Ernestina Godoy as Public Prosecutor of Mexico City for the period 2024-2028.

– Also starting Monday is the reduction in the number of flights at Mexico City International Airport from 52 to 43. According to the authorities, this measure was taken to improve AICM operations.

January 8 marks exactly 200 days until the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, because the opening of one of the most important sporting competitions in the world will be held on July 26 of this year.

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Paris prepares for the Olympic Games

-This Monday the “kiss” will happen. It is an astronomical event that includes the conjunction of the Moon with the planet Venus, and it occurs when the satellite and the planet are in very close alignment with each other, and it is likely that it can be seen at night and in the early morning of this day.

Photographing the moon

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