Organis goes to prison for a year

Organis goes to prison for a year

The trial lasted about 50 minutes, in which Kenya Romero, an interim judge of the Fourth District Court of Appeals, sentenced Arganis Contreras, the main defendant in the death of lawyer and professor Uniol Ramores, to one year in custody in October 2017.

At 10:29 a.m., surveillance agents from the new prison management model transferred the accused from the Ciudad Nueva Prison to the Ninth Criminal Room, located on the fourth floor of the courthouse. Third floor. The trial ended at 11:19 p.m.

With the speed with which the investigation was conducted, the objection raised by the defendant’s legal defense contributed to the preventive action requested by the Ministry of Public Works. “We are not going to oppose it because the prosecution is asking for detention, for the benefit of the accused, it should be in a safe place, and what is better for it now is a place where it should be safe,” Arkansas attorney Plutarco Jacques said before the trial.

All parties were satisfied with the insistence imposed by Judge Kenya Romero.

“One year (in prison) is fine,” Uniol’s brother, lawyer Ramon Ramarez, who represents the victim’s family, said when he accepted the decision.

Wilson Camacho, head of the Office of the Special Advocate for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (PEPCA), considered the court to have ruled correctly on the proposal of the public prosecutor’s office.

Organis will comply at the Najayo-Homebrew Correction and Rehabilitation Center in San Cristobal, where, according to his lawyer, “he will have all the guarantees that there will be no trouble in his life.”

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On March 19, at 9:00 a.m., the judge set the start of the preliminary hearing, which is the responsibility of the Fourth District Court of Inquiry, which will be responsible for deciding whether or not to open the trial.

One week ago, on March 12, the National District Fourth Court of Appeals will announce the verdict on the request to open the trial provided by the public prosecutor to others accused of involvement in the murder.

Heidi Carolina Pena, wife of Organis; Jose Mercado Blanco (El Grante), Vector Elizander Ravello Campos (“El Herrero”) and Jorge Luis Aubrey Fabian (“DJ and El Toxista”) were accused of trying to cover up Organis and destroy evidence.

In points

The body of attorney Uniol Ramரrez was found on October 12, 2017, with a chain around his neck in a stream in Manokuayapo, Santo Domingo Oste. For the fourth day in a row following the murder of Uniol Ramரேrez in 2017, Argentine Contreras was questioned in the Attorney General’s Office.

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