Oropouche virus worsens in Santiago de Cuba

Oropouche virus worsens in Santiago de Cuba

The Provincial Health Directorate in Santiago de Cuba announced this Tuesday the confirmation of Oroboch fever in several health areas of the main municipality, in Bahia Blanca, Palmarito and Mella, in Guam.

As part of the intensive search for flu cases in the province, an increase in reports of non-specific flu syndromes has been evident in the aforementioned health areas, the release notes. Facebook.

Facebook Capture / Santiago de Cuba Provincial Health Directorate

The text asserted that the disease had been known for six decades, and that “there have been no deaths from it.”

However, in a note signed by the provincial health directorate in Santiago de Cuba, it warned that “cases may have some severity depending on the characteristics or characteristics of each individual.”

In addition, he informed that a press conference will be held this Wednesday at the Directorate General of Public Health on “updating the epidemiological situation related to Oropouche fever, dengue and PAMI strategies”.

The information comes at a critical time in Santiago de Cuba province, where complaints on social media indicate an increase in corpses at funerals. A warning has been given that up to 29 people have died in a single day.

from Oropouche virus confirmed in Santiago de Cuba Last May, this disease has affected people and it is suspected At least one victim has been claimedAlthough the authorities are yet to officially confirm this information.

However, the health situation in the province is becoming more complicated Confirmation of circulation of two dengue serotypesIt can cause complex clinical symptoms.

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The Provincial Surveillance and Vector Control Department recently issued an alert about the presence of two strains of the virus. DengueAt times when “infectiousness of the transmitting agent in the area is high”, mainly In the main municipality, Palma Soriano, Contramestre, Mella and San LuisMore cases of arbovirus have been reported.

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