Out of tie-insanity !: Gustavo Adolfo Infante explodes against YosStop and YouTubers

Out of tie-insanity !: Gustavo Adolfo Infante explodes against YosStop and YouTubers

Gustavo Adolfo Infante He raises controversy again after expressing his opinion on the controversial issue of the YouTube Blog UsStop, Who was convicted for posting photos of a minor being raped.

After he tells what the complaint is Ainara S. Gustavo Adolfo rush Against YosStop and its content creators, who in recent days have spoken of “inappropriate behavior”.

“With this young woman, what a little sympathy, what a little solidarity between the sexes, by spreading it and mocking another colleague.” Commented in the morning “Sale el Sol” with colleagues Alex Kaffie and Ana María Alvarado, who were taking news of the complaint to YouTube.

About these videos, the driver Request to organize the content of the platform From YouTube to Avoid “cyberbullying”, “I think it should be organized because it is Hai Kada Volanet In the media, mainly on YouTube, who are publicly bullying the Internet, and who openly threaten: “And now they ask me to pardon, otherwise Televisa, TV Azteca, Grupo Imagen, they are going to …!” ¿* Cil syrup Who are you to ask TV stations, CEOs and company owners to apologize to? Insanity draw, Sentenced.

This is how Gustavo Adolfo spoke in ‘Sale el Sol’ about the YouTuber controversy:

Gustavo Adolfo continued to claim that these social problems arose because what is related to social networks is still very new. “The serious problem there, is that on social networks, YouTube,” thinkers “, and Facebook and all this, There was no regulation, How This is new… generations have learned for the good of God. ”

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gustavo adolfo infante vs yosstop and youtubers

He continued: There was no legislationNo one gave him a class like Going to college And study journalism where They teach you manners And they teach you journalistic types, no, here they threw themselves and what seemed to them according to them, Funny … freak And they are Leave the moneyThen they did Here are the results Actually when it is exaggerated and when it is hurt, integrity, morals, health and everything in a human being ”, is over.

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