Pablo Lopez made his debut with Marilyn in the 2021 season

Pablo Lopez made his debut with Marilyn in the 2021 season

Venezuelan jug Pablo Lopez, A great introduction Marlins In the 2021 season of Miami Big leagues (M.L.P.), This is his trip against the rays of Tampa Bay this Friday.

Pablo Lopez He was in charge of opening the second game of the 2021 season Marlins From Miami, a great introduction to this new curriculum Big leagues Tampa Bay leaves good feelings, against the rays.

Lopez Served with 5.0 innings Marlins, Two wins against him, a pair of walks and a total of four strikeouts were not allowed M.L.P. By 2021, he had great control over his fastball with a change of pace to dominate the rays.

In addition, Juliano Pablo Lopez Withdrew from the shrine Marlins With a total of 77 pitches, leaving 51 in the strike zone is undoubtedly a good start to the harvest Big leagues To this important pitcher in the Miami cycle.

Sekan Marlins Communications, Pablo Lopez, After his performance today He has 1.21 ERA and 0.76 WHIP, with a .133 batting average from opponents in his last four trips, calculated from SEP 14, 2020.

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This is good news Marlins Venezuela’s 2021 season begins M.L.P., Because it gives hope for the upcoming matches of this lesson.

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