Pacheco complains of “excesses” by JetBlue and will recommend the government revoke his license

Pacheco complains of “excesses” by JetBlue and will recommend the government revoke his license

Speaker of the House of Representatives Alfredo Pacheco criticized JetBlue for its behavior and “Violations” against the Dominicans who travel with this company.

Pacheco recounted his annoyance with the airline during a commercial flight to Puerto Rico, last Saturday, and how he noticed they had committed violations only against the Dominicans, for which he asked the Dominican government to revoke his license.

Pacheco started his story, then said he had to attend activity in puerto rico, They sent him the ticket for a flight at 2:00 in the afternoon and the plane took off at only 5:30.

He said that before his late departure, the airline changed the departure gate five times, the plane was “in very bad shape”, the treatment was “horrible”, and the staff did not speak Spanish.

“They took us like goats and cows, and then with enormous rudeness to the passengers,” he asserted.

However, the situation was not only one way, because on the way back, Pacheco commented that he was having trouble again, because when he arrived at the airport at first he did not appear Register online And when he wanted to do it manually, they told him and a group of Dominicans that the trip had been cancelled.

He said, instead of looking for a solution together, the airline gave each passenger a different time to arrive in the Dominican Republic, but in Pacheco’s case, they made an “exception” by placing a flight for Tuesday at 6:50 in the morning.

“Finally we came up with a solution after talking with an institution in the country, which made us very favour. trip for several people, Since the legal advisor to the executive branch, there was a guy with the last name Grolon, a star, and high-ranking military officers waiting at the airport… We finally got to the country at 2:00 in the morning thanks to Pacheco commented.

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Given what had happened, Pacheco retaliated against the airline and made a public application to the Dominican government.

“I would recommend the Dominican government to revoke the JetBlue license, because of what is happening with the Dominicans. In 6 or 7 hours I can see it and the problem is dominican republic. “A lot of Dominican men and women are going through hard times and you’ve heard it and I’ve heard it, but only when I tried it did I realize what’s going on with this airline,” Pacheco said.

MPs approved “excesses”

In addition to the Speaker of the House, several lawmakers abroad agreed with Pacheco’s expression and called for sanctions against the airline.

Representatives Norberto Rodriguez, Ramon Ceballos and Adelis Olivares commented that they Victims of trouble with JetBlue And that thousands of Dominicans are going through the same ups and downs with the company.

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