Pachuca and the Columbus Crew will face off in an unprecedented final in the CONCACAF Champions Cup

Pachuca and the Columbus Crew will face off in an unprecedented final in the CONCACAF Champions Cup

Los Tozos have not lost a final match after five matches. The MLS team has reached its first title duel in 29 years of history

Pachuca And Columbus Crew He will compete for a title CONCACAF Champions Cup Next June 1 at Hidalgo Stadium, after defeating both America how Monterey In the previous round, this will be the first time that the two teams meet in any competition.

With an overall score advantage of 2 to 1, Columbus Crew Defining the series as a visitor at BBVA Stadium went 1-3 thanks to the results Aidan Morris (45'+4'), Diego Rossi (49') and Jasyn Russell Rowe (89') They responded with an own goal Yevhen Cherbirko (Eleven'). This achievement marks the first continental final for the Ohio-based team, which dates back to June 15, 1994 (29 years).

For this part, Pachuca He left Estadio Azteca with a one-goal lead, after the first round against AmericaHe took advantage of his home stadium to win 2 to 1, with two goals to one Emilio Rodriguez (12 and Nelson Diosa (14 minutes), as well as Azulcrema's response to Henry Martin (23 minutes) which sparked a duel of shouting and a final fistfight for Hidalgo's team.

It is worth noting that Tozo never lost completely CONCACAF Champions Cup After five occasions they objected to it (2002, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2017); In case of multiplication Columbus Crewwill equal Blue cross As the second-highest cup winner and would be one laurel behind America.

On the side of the Mexican League, the Tuzos arrive at the event with significant shots so far this semester after 23 matches played during the aforementioned period between domestic and international competitions, however, they will be fighting for a ticket to the Liguilla via Play-In as the seventh best team in the semester. In Mexican football, the team maintained an unbeaten record at the federation level, with four wins and two draws.

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Current American League champion,Columbus Crewis the seventh American team to reach the final CONCACAF Champions Cup Throughout 2024, he played only 16 matches: ten in the local league with three wins, six draws and one defeat, while in the International Cup he achieved three wins and the same number of draws and was unbeaten.

Last time that Mexican League And Multilateral They faced each other in the middle CONCACAF Champions Cup, Lion crowned LAFC 3 to 1 overall and also regained the Mexican football club Cougars It was handed to US Soccer after 17 years of dominance in the tournament, after going down 5-2 on aggregate for the 2022 final.

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