PAHO praises COVID-19 vaccination in Cuba ›World› Granma

PAHO praises COVID-19 vaccination in Cuba ›World› Granma

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) praised Cuba’s vaccination performance against COVID-19, the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV) reported on Twitter.

“At a PAHO press conference on COVID-19, Dr. Carissa Etienne briefed on the state of the pandemic in the Americas, progress in Micron, and said that countries such as Chile, Cuba and Argentina have the highest vaccination rates,” details an IFV letter.

The tweet refers to the virtual conference at which the Director-General of the Pan American Health Organization confirmed that nearly 60% of people in Latin America and the Caribbean received two full doses of the developed antigens.

He noted that experts advocate immunization strategies “optimal to prevent serious disease, including the specific use of booster injections,” and stated that vaccines help save lives, all that is needed is more equity in their distribution.

Dr. Etienne commented positively on the work of Cuban scientists and producers of vaccines.

The virtual event emphasized the continent’s ability to respond to and overcome the pandemic, with a focus on health workers working in health centers, clinics and primary hospitals.

Carissa Etienne called on countries to ensure health workers have access to protective equipment and additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, when available.

He also recommended focusing on expanding the Omicron variant, which has reached almost every country in the world and is present in 42 countries and territories in the Americas.

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“The additional doses are safe and effective and will help enhance the ability to resist exposure to the virus,” Etienne said, citing PL.

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