“Party” players from America will receive a fine from the club and Liga MX

“Party” players from America will receive a fine from the club and Liga MX

Leo Suarez, Roger Martinez, Nicolas Benedetti, and Richard Sanchez will be warned by America as well as by the governing body of Mexican football.

America and Liga MX are preparing fines for Leo SuarezAnd the Roger MartinezAnd the Nicola Benedetti s Richard Sanchez After they will participate in a private party with friends and escorts on May 6 after their participation in the CONCACAF Champions League on the above-mentioned date.

Liga MX will apply the penalty to football players in America for not respecting the health protocol of the organism To avoid contagion of the Coronavirus within Mexican football clubs, the penalties for violating these rules range from a 100,000 peso fine to being separated from their team for several days, but this last situation no longer occurs because the Eagles have already been eliminated from their team. Clausura 2021.

Within America there will also be an internal sanction for defaming the club in front of public opinionIt should be noted that the players who attended the party did so after completing the training session and with the barbecue organized by the team that same afternoon, in addition to the fact that the next day there was no training and they were a week away from the race. They made their show in the Clausura 2021 league against Pachuca.

Additionally, sources commented on ESPN That at the present time there is no thinking in America to get rid of any of these players as a result of the party and the materials published by the magazine. TV notes Although they will follow the case closely in case other decisions must be made, the fact that the Eagles want to get rid of Nicholas Benedetti but this situation has already been reported before ESPN For several weeks and not because of the video posted, on their part Roger Martinez, Richard Sanchez and Leo Suarez have a contract with the azulcrema team and will leave the establishment sold only to another club.

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For now, Benedetti, Roger and Suárez are on vacation and must report back to Coapa on June 21 to start preparing for the season, while Richard Sanchez is focused with the Paraguayan side for the knockout matches next week, and Perugia will definitely be considering playing for the next Copa América.

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