Passports: The Most Powerful in 2022, According to Henley & Partners – Travel – Life

Passports: The Most Powerful in 2022, According to Henley & Partners – Travel – Life

Henley & Partners specializes in citizenship and residency counseling, Introduced the list of countries with the most powerful passports in Latin America in 2022.

The ranking measures the number of destinations that holders can access without a prior visa and It is carried out according to the data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA)the world organization of scheduled airlines.

According to the specialized website, Costa Rica is the fifth country in the region to have a ‘strongest’ passport. Because it allows visa-free entry to 150 countries. Globally, this country ranks 31.

In number four is Uruguay, because its passport allows entry to 153 countries without a visa. In the world, this country ranks 28, which it shares with the Republic of Seychelles, located in East Africa.

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It is followed by Mexico, with a passport that gives access to 159 countries and places it on a global scale at 24It is also occupied by Israel.

in the position of the number Two in the region are Argentina and Brazil, whose passports allow visa-free entry to 170 countries. Both countries are ranked 19th in the world rankings, very close to Hong Kong and Croatia.

and number one in Latin America Chile takes it, because its citizens have a passport that allows entry to 174 countries. In the world, it ranks number 16 it shares with Monaco.

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Chili pepper

Chile tops the top of Latin America.

Meanwhile, Colombia ranks 12th in the region and 41st in the world.. According to this arrangement, Colombians can enter 132 countries without a visa. This square is shared with the Solomon Islands and Samoa.

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Colombian passport

private file.

In the 2021 list of specialist company Henley & Partners, Columbia is Ranked No. 44, the year Colombians can enter, according to the study, 129 countries without a visa. At the time, Colombia shared a position with Venezuela and Tonga.

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